Final Project: recycled fashion

Old bedsheets may have lost its beginning colors and crispness, but it is the softest of materials. In the process of getting worn (living out its life as bedsheets), it gains qualities possibly desirable.  This project aims to give the old bedsheets a second life, reincarnating it into something different, something that celebrates the faded and soft qualities gained during its first.

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photo by Topher Cox

This dress is made of 1 old twin sized bedsheet torn into long 3in wide strips.  The strips are first woven to create a top requiring minimum sewing.  The strips are then sewn side by side to made a flared and asymmetrical bottom skirt.

photo by Topher Cox

Initial sketches

more sketches

The white dress required sewing, with needle and thread and with a machine. Can sheets become a dress, a desirable and wearable object, without sewing? CHAINLINKED DRESS:

Purple dress is made of Chain-Linked silk sheets

photo by Topher Cox

Chain link idea sketches

more chainlink sketches

The purple dress(addition) is made of a silk sheet torn into 3in strips. Strips are then knotted to each other to become very long and ‘chain-linked’ to create a 3dimensional object. No sewing is needed. A gridded guide is used.

photo by Topher Cox


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I love your photos, the atmosphere you create with your clothes, and how you take something as simple and every-day as a bed sheet to create something quite sublime.

Comment by Emilie

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