PROJECT 5b: Upcycled Wine Bottle
10/28/2009, 3:51 PM
Filed under: Project 5b: Recycled Wines Bottles (Iteration 2)

Recycling is a common practice.  Most of us recycle– we know to put papers in the paper-recycling bin, plastic in the plastic-recycling bin, glass in the glass bin.  But most often these materials that we recycle are DOWNCYCLED.  They are recycled into something less valuable than the original.

It does not have to be this way.  Products can be designed so that they can have an as useful (or more useful) life after their original purpose is fulfilled.


A bottle of wine that the user can easily change into a glass cup and goblet after the wine is finished.

This bottle wine has a stopper in the form of a goblet base, and it is pre-scored around its middle.  Serve chilled on ice during a candle light dinner.  When empty, simply heat the scored line by rotating the bottle above the candle, then chill the heated score line by rubbing around it with ice.

You now have a glass and a goblet.


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