PROJECT 3: Instructables: Bamboo Geodesic Dome
09/30/2009, 4:30 PM
Filed under: Project 3: Instructables: Bamboo Geodesic Dome

In our low-cost shelter, we concentrated on sustainability, ease of assembly and transportability.

Made out of bamboo, nylon rope, recycled vinyl and old clothing, our shelter is comprised of materials that can be found readily and cheaply in most parts of the world.

The structure of the building is a geodesic dome, an inherently strong and stable structure.  The dome is created with bamboo as pipes and nylon rope connecting them.  For ease of assembly the pipes and nylon are grouped into 5 pre-strong bundles.  When twisted and tightened around each other, the nylon rope creates enough tension to support up the structure without any external hardware.

The sheathing of the building is made of recycled nylon, which is durable and waterproof.

Recycled clothing with pockets that can be filled with insulating materials is sewn on the inside.  The quilted fabrics add a colorful and cozy feel to the interior.

The whole shelter can be taken down, collapsed, and fitted into a 2ff x 4ft bag.  It can then be reassembled any where in around 15 minutes.


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